Aniket Sharma

I'm Aniket from Delhi, India.

I am a 4th-year B.Tech. Computer Science student at IIIT Gwalior.

I am a part of the Computational Intelligence and Data Mining Research (CIDMR) Lab at IIIT Gwalior as an Undergraduate Student Researcher. Currently, I am working on Interpretable Deep Learning for Healthcare Systems and have published three research papers as part of the lab.

Also, I am a part of the Artificial Intelligence Institute of UofSC (AIISC) as a Research Intern. I am part of the De-Factify team.

I have recently interned at Google as an Application Engineer and at Sprink as an Artificial Intelligence intern.

I like to work on cool things. That's why I am learning AI.

In my free time, I like reading stuff and watching Anime or Animations.