Aniket Sharma


B. Tech. - Computer Science and Engineering

Indian Institute of Information Technology, Gwalior

2019-2023 CGPA: 8.12


- Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning
- Probability and Statistics - Analysis and Design of Algorithms
- Data Structures - Data Mining and Data Warehouse

All India Senior School Certificate Examination

Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Delhi (CBSE)

2017-2019 88.8%


- Computer Science (A1 - 98%) - Mathematics (A1 - 95%)
- Physics (A1 - 95%) - Chemistry (A1 - 92%)

All India Secondary School Examination

Spring Days Model School, Delhi (CBSE)

2017 CGPA: 10


- Mathematics (A1) - Science (A1)
- Foundation of IT (A1) - English (A1)


Application Engineering Intern


05/2022 - 07/2022

  • Worked on creation of incremental data integration pipelines from Salesforce to a weakly consistent global file system
  • Created dashboards to provide key security and privacy insights about Salesforce footprints across Alphabet to the leadership and stakeholders
  • Setup JWT authentication for the pipeline project

Programming Languages:

- Python


- Data Analysis - Problem Solving


- SQL - Many Google internal tools

Undergraduate Student Researcher

Computational Intelligence and Data Mining Research Lab - IIIT Gwalior

08/2021 - Present

  • Working on Interpretable Deep Learning for Healthcare Systems
  • Worked on an Implementation of Human Episodic Memory (accepted in ICAAI 2022) with Prof. Pramod Kumar Singh and Dr. Jay Prakash
  • Presented a conference paper on Data-centric approach to HCV Severity Prediction

Programming Languages:

- Python


- Research Methodology - Artificial Intelligence
- Data Mining - Deep Learning
- Machine Learning


- Tensorflow

Artificial Intelligence Intern

Kinematic Foodtech

05/2021 - 09/2021 & 12/2021 - 01/2022

  • Created from scratch a Vehicle Routing Tool for managing delivery fleet and reducing company's logistic costs
  • Used K-means with automated elbow method for dynamic delivery hub location
  • Hosted the routing tool using AWS Fargate and AWS Lambda

Programming Languages:

- Python - JavaScript


- Artificial Intelligence - Operations Research
- Machine Learning - DevOps


- Google OR Tools - Openrouteservice
- AWS Fargate - AWS Lambda
- Docker

Software Developer Intern

09/2020 - 11/2020

  • Created US Election 2020 Prediction Model using Sentiment Analysis
  • Tested various projects including Fingerprint Recognition Model, Motion Detection Model and more
  • Created a YouTube Scrapper using Python selenium
  • Wrote 50 tech articles on topics including Machine Learning and Data Science

Programming Languages:

- Python


- Machine Learning - Data Analysis


- OpenCV


Conference Proceedings

Sharma, A., Arora, A., Gupta, A., Singh, P.K. (2022). Data-Centric Approach to Hepatitis C Virus Severity Prediction. In: Abraham, A., Gandhi, N., Hanne, T., Hong, TP., Nogueira Rios, T., Ding, W. (eds) Intelligent Systems Design and Applications. ISDA 2021. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 418. Springer, Cham.


Kaggle Expert

Has 1 Notebook Silver, 4 Notebook Bronze and 8 Discussion Bronze

Google Hash Code

2022 - Got a rank of 95 (/5367) in India and 612 (/10177) worldwide.
2021 - Got a rank of 60 in India and 396 (/9004) worldwide.

Hacksagon 2020, IEEE Student Branch IIIT Gwalior

Created a model of an AQI monitor and reached final round of the competition

More Achievements


Machine Learning

Stanford University with Coursera

Applied Data Science with Python

University of Michigan with Coursera

Google IT Automation with Python

Google with Coursera

Mathematics for Machine Learning

Imperial College London with Coursera

Intro to Machine Learning


Professional Activities



  • Designing, Programming, Testing and Benchmarking the Matrix library
  • Promoting the organization and its projects